Submission Guidelines

Please document the bug using  ASCII text and GIF images.

Please Annotate each image using the same nomenclature as used in the text.

In the description please supply the following information

  • Product Name
  • Version Number
  • The Operating System you use.
  • If you have a solution or workaround.
  • Link to manufactures web site
  • How long you have been fighting this bug.


Limit the size of any submission for about 100K Bytes including text and graphic.

Free speech is fine, but this is my site and if I don't like what I read, I reserve the right not to publish it.


DISCLAIMER and other comments

Accuracy for the bug description is the sole responsibility of the person that submits the bug.

The owner of does not accept responsibility for any loss of data, production time, monetary loss, any fiduciary losses, or injury of any kind, as a result of using any solution or work-around posted at this site.

If your computer and or program controls any kind of machinery, or life support system,  please make sure you understand what you are doing before you apply any solution, be it from the manufacturer of the program or any other source.

Remember to back up you system before you applying a solution or work-around. If you don't do this, Murphy's Law may be applied. "if it can go wrong, it will go wrong just when you did not back up your system"

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