A selection of my photographs

Copyrightę 2005 Hans Wedemeyer, Houston, Texas, U.S.A. All Rights Reserved.

These images are the property of Hans Wedemeyer you may use them for any NON-COMMERCIAL, NON-PROFIT purpose so long as full credit is given to me, with a link to my web page in the credit.


Leeds.jpg (401786 bytes)Leeds Castle. (not near Leeds city !) Nice as a wallpaper image for dual monitor: 1600 X 1200 use Tile.

grashop1.jpg (21773 bytes)Grasshopper. Captured from home video movie

Buddy.jpg (25086 bytes)Buddy

dragonfly.jpg (27613 bytes)Dragon Fly

globe2.jpg (20310 bytes)Inside-out globe

HeelHouse.jpg (42857 bytes)Heel House, just south of Stone Henge

Bressingham_July_2000.jpg (47976 bytes)Bressingham, Norfolk, UK. July 2000

StoneHenge.jpg (23826 bytes)Stone Henge

Rose1.jpg (44502 bytes)English Rose

Rose2.jpg (45150 bytes)Painted Moon

Orchids.jpg (20533 bytes)San Antonio

peachtree.jpg (67898 bytes)This year we had peaches.

small_hummer.jpg (128946 bytes)Smallest humming bird I've ever seen.

shuttle1.jpg (23347 bytes)Shuttle Launch

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