Four Channel DRO (Direct Read Out)

Each encoder channel has a dedicated microcontroller, this feature gives it a high speed encoder tracking ability.

It will track at up to 30 KHz ! All four channels are controlled by a main chip. The main chip takes care of calculating values for the LCD display. 

The main controller uses 32 bit counters so there are no practical limits for it's use. 

I used encoders from US Digital. The unit will accept different encoder settings for each channel, which means it can use surplus encoders, you know the kind you find only 1or 2 of and never a set.... :-) ! 

The keyboard is a simple 4X4 as you can see I added the Esc,  Minus, Backspace and decimal point. 

There is a RS-232 port which allows easy setup for lesser used features such as Encoder specifications, lead screw tpi (if used) , the more common user input such as Preset for any axis can be entered from the local keyboard also.

Local keyboard control with human readable menus.

Local control for ...

Preset any channel.

Zero all channels.

Zero any individual channel.

Start Stop RS-232 streaming Data.

Display RAW encoder counts On/Off 

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