CCS C error file to Visual Studio error File Format Converter.

This error Converter takes a CCS C compiler error file and converts it to Visual studio format and allows you to double click an error line or press F4 and got to that line in the Source code. Please read the readme.txt.


RS232 to TCP LAN server

Connect a COM port to the TCP LAN

connection.gif (35703 bytes) Connnect a COM port to a TCP LAN, this file includes the Server and a simple test program.

Modular Design PCB Artwork Files

You may download and use these PCB layout files for your own personal non commercial use. See readme.txt file for more details.

Commercial  Interest ?  Please contact me for more details.

OLD project files are still available. ( New version using EAGLE will soon be available) The PCB file viewable using the demo version of PIA.exe The Gerber File Version of PCB layout files. The schematics.

How to print this artwork

PCB files can be viewed using the demo version of PIA.exe

Go to and  download pcbdemo.ZIP (903kB)  

Unzip the file and install the demo program, it is a polite program and does not splatter itself all over your system.

Download and unzip and you will find the three files Driver.pcb , Motherboard.pcb, and SmartCurrent.pcb. Using the pcbdemo program it should be possible to print and edit, but not save.

Note !

Note only one Driver board needs to be the master Oscillator (typically X axis board) and the remaining boards will get the oscillator signal from it. Replace C1 with a wire jumper ( grounding pin 16 ) and do not use R1.
This is clearly displayed in the complete schematic for the three axis version.


9908-09A.gif (58854 bytes)Three Stepper Circuit Diagram

It is also described in the L297 data sheet, and was noted in my original readme.txt

I updated the file to clarify this even further.

note_1.gif (2191 bytes)Oscillator connection for the other driver boards.

If you have wired each board with it's own oscillator, it will work, but should be modified as soon as possible to avoid clock contention !

When you are ready to control your new CNC mill, check out Doug Yeager's super CNCPro program. You may also find the ACE Converter handy, it will convert your DXF files which are needed for the CNC program.  Here you will find a super CNC program CNCPro !   SOURCE FOR QUALITY CARBIDE DRILLS, ROUTERS AND ENDMILLS

Note! I am not connected in any way to these companies; I just like the products and the service.

Convert Excellon NC drill file to G-Code.

EtoG.gif (7793 bytes)The program. Runs on Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95/98.

My PCB layout program exports Excellon drill files. This type of file is not supported by the G-Code interpreters that I have, so I wrote this little program to output a G-Code file and try to make the drill path a little more efficient. It is not a solution to the "Travelling Salesman Problem" far from it; thank you Rob for the help. Rob sets me straight when I stray off the beaten path with my ideas. Visit Rob's web page at   . My approach is to go to the nearest X,Y coordinate and drill a hole, then move to the next nearest etc. As it turns out, with the nature of modern components having rows of adjacent pins, my approach is reasonable. You be the judge...

Next, making Circuit Boards for prototype assembly and not having a budget to use a board shop for every idea, I make my own boards. I like to etch my boards first and drill afterwards, for the simple reason when I silver plate them using "CoolAmp" it saves a lot of powder. CoolAmp costs about $70 for 4 oz.  .

Drilling after etching means the board has to be aligned on the mill, and I decided the easiest way is to clamp the board in place, jog to the known 0,0 datum and set the program to 0,0. Then I jog to a "pad" on the etched board for which I have a coordinate, and read off of the program the actual X,Y for that pad. These two sets of X,Y coordinates are entered into the EtoG program and a rotation is applied to all X,Y coordinates in the G-Code file.

I have tested this program and it works fine. However please check the results before you trust them. No warranty is given and no warranty is implied. You take full responsibility if you use this program.

EtoG.exe is "freeware"; it may not be sold. It may not be given away as part of any commercial program.

As freeware, there will be no support for this program. I welcome suggestions and bug reports, but cannot promise they will be used or fixed.. 88.5K zip file.

CNCPro.exe Example using Subroutines and Variables

CNCPro.exe can use subroutines and variables, here is a simple g-code file. It will cut three circles, in a diagonal line. I have commented the file, so it should be easy to understand.

RPM meter Hex Code File

Smart Current Sensor Hex File

When you program the PIC chip use these setting:

Oscillator:    Internal RC

Watchdog Timer:  Off

Code Protect:    your choice

Master Clear:   Internal

ExitWin.exe For Shutting Down Windows Program to shut down Windows from the command line. Useful in Batch files.

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