A Simple Terminal Program for

PocketPC 2003«

Screen shots in no particular order.

GPS connected at 230,400 Baud

HEX display

Select Baud rate before opening COM port

Select a COM port

Freeware version does this each time. If the device does not have COM1this message appears. Click OK and carry on.

Message after COM port error.

If the COM port is related to Bluetooth«  then this screen appears.

If there is a Bluetooth« device serial port service it will show up in the device list. Select it and the connection is established. Remember to select the Outbound Port number.

This is Freeware:  Use it at your own risk. Do not use it on any system that involves life support or machinery. You take the risk of using this program. 

Download terminal.exe here http://hans-w.com/terminal.zip

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Copyrightę 2005 Hans Wedemeyer, Houston, Texas, U.S.A. All Rights Reserved.

Download the Older version for Jornada here. No longer supported.