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Add Favorites Bug#1

Cancel Search Button  Bug#2

Word Highlighting Bug#3


The HTML viewer has a "Favorites" feature that would be real useful if it worked.

After a lengthy session and making several "Favorite" links you suddenly find there is no "Save" option anywhere on the toolbars of menu.

If you are lucky, the Favorite list may get updated when you exit the viewer, and a 50/50 chance all your work is lost.

MSDNLibViewer.gif (16057 bytes)Click the Add button and pray.

A work-around Posted 17:06 2000/05/11

For Bug #1 of the MSDN Library Viewer, you're absolutely correct. Adding Favorites is a very flaky thing in MSDN, especially if you have multiple sessions open. I've found that it's not until you close it that it saves the favorites (to the registry, I imagine). And then if you close another opened session, it overwrites the previous one's favorites and you lose everything!

So what I always do right after I add a favorite is:

  1. 1. Close any other MSDN sessions I have open besides the one where I added the favorite.
  2. 2. Close the one where I added the favorite.

This strategy has always worked for me. Nevertheless I agree that it's a very annoying problem. It should really work like Internet Explorer, where it's saved immediately and any other IE sessions are updated on the fly.

I hope Microsoft can address this issue. Thanks for your site,  Alvaro

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If you start a search, and for any reason decide to use the Cancel button, you will soon find that it does not

Cancel the search.

MSDN_fig3.gif (2805 bytes)

Is it a bug or is it a built in feature ?

No Known Solution



I think it fair to say the MSDN content is designed for use by Programmers. Once a subject has been found, I often highlight a variable name and then paste it into my code. However variable names concatenated with the underscore do not highlight completely when double clicked, see fig 2 where the m_ is not highlighted.  I know this is a small nit-picking complaint, but it is also a major waste of time having to drag the mouse cursor over the variable name. and then when it's pasted addig the m_ which means more key strokes.

Is it a bug or is it a built in feature ?

MSDN_fig2.gif (19634 bytes)

While on the subject of highlighting, "in the old days before VC used html help"  when the help used to be fast and useful, the item that was being searched for would be highlighted in the search result display to similar fig2 where I added a red background to the CRuntimeClass .

I could add a long list of features that Microsoft decided to drop when they moved to the html help, but that would be a subject of it's own.

Is it a bug or is it a built in feature ?

Is there a setup option hidden somewhere that can enable search result highlighting ?

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